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Southern Living Names Rapscallion One of South’s Best New Restaurants - Logo Credit Logo Credit

   Southern Living has listed Rapscallion as one of the South’s best new restaurants in 2016. Nathan Tate’s authentic southern style cooking and inventiveness of traditional dishes has made Rapscallion stand alone when compared to other contemporary southern restaurants. Turning conventional meals into one-of-a-kind dishes, Tate adds certain flare and taste, bringing in a variety of global flavors. Adding Asian zest to traditional Nashville-style hot chicken, frying sorghum like fried rice, and perfectly seasoning his cornmeal to crust the catfish are only a few of his creative pieces. While staying true to his southern home cooking roots, Tate ventures into uncharted waters with his food, gracing patrons with an unforgettable flavor and experience.

East Dallas Gets New BBQ Smokehouse


Smoky Rose


The rich restaurant scene in East Dallas is only getting better with the addition of Smoky Rose. The new owners David Cash and Jeffrey Schramm are opening the upscale smokehouse across from the Dallas Arboretum, giving the area a much needed barbeque destination. While committed to traditional barbeque selections (we are in Texas after all) they are expanding into some seafood fare and various other items in order to appeal to more clientele.

Nestled into the Forest Hills neighborhood, Cash and Schramm made it a priority to work with the surrounding neighbors to understand their needs and wants for the neighborhood restaurant. In speaking with Advocate, Cash states that “neighboring families have been begging us for a more adult-friendly environment to enjoy”. By creating a laid back backyard atmosphere, the Smoky Rose hopes to take on the persona of a vineyard with a rustic, personable feel. In keeping with pleasing the neighbors at their restaurant and in their homes, sound will be kept to a minimum.  With sound dampening walls, no live music, minimal TVs and speakers only facing Garland Road, Smoky Rose is doing everything they can to keep neighbors happy. This will resonate with customers who are not looking for a honky-tonk barbeque joint, but a more relaxed and laid back setting.

While having a fully stocked bar, Smoky Rose isn’t intent on being a raucous after-hours spot. Capitalizing on their location, Cash and Schramm hope to draw a crowd from the Arboretum after events and concerts, giving people one more nightcap before going home. Price points are around $20 to $25 per person including drinks, with lunch being half of that amount. Valet is provided on site at the customer’s convenience. Opening is set for either November or December of this year.

Zoning Ordinance Committee (ZOC) – Amend Parking Requirements for Retail and Personal Service uses

The City of Dallas is holding a Zoning Ordinance Committee (ZOC) to discuss the amendment of the Dallas Development Code to amend parking requirements for retail and personal service uses utilizing outdoor areas. This amendment directly affects restaurants, bars and any business operating with any outdoor areas. This affects large businesses such as Katy Trail Ice House, which has a very large portion of their seating outdoors as well as smaller businesses who may only have a few small patio tables provided on the sidewalk. Parking problems are a constant headache for business owners and raising the requirement will only further the already present problems. The Zoning Ordinance Committee (ZOC) will meet at 9 A.M. this Thursday August 18th at Dallas City Hall to discuss this plan in more detail and allow public opinion to be heard.

For more information about this meeting and future meetings, please feel free to continue to check this blog or email


MillerCoors Acquires Revolver Brewing (Granbury, TX)

As of late last week, Granbury-based Revolver Brewing has joined the MillerCoors family. A popular craft brewery which has been around since 2012, Revolver Brewing has produced a wide array of unique beers since its inception. The most well recognized and well liked is Blood & Honey, an unfiltered wheat ale with blood orange zest and local Texas honey. Full-bodied and easy to drink, Blood & Honey is their flagship beer, with an IPA, traditional Bock, a pale ale, and a blonde ale to round out their full rotation of year-round beers. Joining MillerCoors craft and import division, the Tenth and Blake Beer Company, Revolver will be focused on increasing their presence in the state. Rhett Keisler, Revolver’s co-owner and president, states, “We still feel like we’ve got a lot of fans in Houston, and San Antonio and other [Texas] towns that we’re not currently in, that email and text us and write us and ask us when we’re getting out beer out there. So our primary focus is Texas.” With MillerCoors to help with expansion and distribution, Revolver Brewing is sure to reach all corners of Texas much sooner than anticipated.

Photo by CraveDFW - Brian Wall
Photo by CraveDFW – Brian Wall

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