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Client Feature: Bullion Restaurant

As a licensing consultant in Dallas, TX, the team at LaBarba Permit Service has the distinct privilege of working with some of the finest restaurants and businesses in the city. One perfect example of this is our work with Bullion, the much-buzzed-about French restaurant opened by chef Bruno Davaillon.

LaBarba Permit Service provided consulting and services related to alcohol permitting and entity formation for Bullion. We were very pleased to see that the restaurant was recently named the Best French Restaurant in Dallas in D Magazine.

Chef Bruno Davaillon

Chef Bruno Davaillon previously worked as the head chef at The Mansion on Turtle Creek. Davaillon combines decadent elements with deceptively simple preparations, creating a meal experience unlike any other in Dallas. For example, the Dallas Observer recently raved about one dish, the filet of bison.

“The scene-stealing red meat is a filet of bison offered Wednesdays only,” the review reads. “The cut is fall-apart tender—the steak knife is just a formality—after a long, slow cook. Then, to approximate the rustic pleasures of a bowl of pot au feu stew, it’s surrounded by carrots and root vegetables and topped with a splash of beef broth and a pat of bone marrow.”

In naming Bullion the best Fresh restaurant in the city, D Magazine gave credit where credit was due: to Davaillon.

“That we kept Davaillon in Dallas is a coup,” the article reads. “We have every right to suspect that he will relax into himself even further. His cooking is imbued with originality—and a very particular, focused warmth.”

The decor

There is nothing humble or understated about the design of Bullion—and that’s part of the fun of eating there. As D Magazine put it, “Bullion is as much about the indulgences being prepared in the kitchen as it is the trappings of the dining room.”

The Dallas Observer compared Bullion’s décor to a scene from the TV show Mad Men, and it does feel quite indulgent and glamorously old-fashioned to dine there.

“The restaurant showcases specially commissioned sculptures by American and French artists, a series of eclectic canvases and the soft glow of acoustic ceiling tiles covered with gold paint,” the Dallas Observer article continues. “Practically everything seems to be made from mohair velvet, deep blue leather or darkly polished woods, except, of course, for the brass bars that run around the backs of the booths and the equally golden lamps that grace each table.”

Our work

As a licensing consultant in Dallas, TX, LaBarba Permit Service is proud to have provided our services for such an outstanding restaurant.

Our services included upfront consultation regarding the proper TABC permits and entity structure to meet the needs and requirements of the restaurant. We processed the TABC Permit Application, obtained required legal publication, processed assumed name filing and obtained an alcohol survey for the business, allowing them to sell alcohol.

If you would like to learn more about our work as a licensing consultant in Dallas, TX, please contact LaBarba Permit Service anytime.

CEO Dallas Cothrum Shares Stories with PlayMakers Talk Show

Dallas Cothrum is the CEO of LaBarba Permit Service, a premier alcoholic beverage license service in Dallas, TX. He was a recent guest on PlayMakers Talk Show, a podcast that features interviews with some of the best minds in business.

While on the show, Cothrum shared stories about his life and wisdom about his job, and reflected on his career’s unique trajectory. He offered up insight on moving from being a professor to being a businessman, being diplomatic and effective when working with City Hall and how coaching and refereeing helped prepare him for a life in business.

Becoming a businessman

LaBarba Permit Service recently celebrated 50 years in business. It’s a family business, but Cothrum wasn’t sure at first whether he wanted to join it. In fact, after going to graduate school at the United States Military Academy, Cothrum became a professor at UT Tyler.

“I had anticipated going to graduate school, completed my studies and had hoped to become a college president,” Cothrum said. “I don’t know why anybody goes to college to become a college president, but it seemed like a good job to me. And so in some senses I thought I’d always wanted to be an executive.”

When he was teaching in East Texas, Cothrum would help the family business from time to time.

“I know how to deal with people and make effective presentations,” he said.

Finally, the then-president of LaBarba Permit Service showed up at his office hours, and told him he needed to come home and help the business thrive.

“Had it been a family member that said that, that wouldn’t have been as effective,” he remembered.

Cothrum took a year of absence from his professorship, and determined that leading LaBarba Permit Service was the right move for him.

Cothrum is now the CEO of both LaBarba and Masterplan, a developer.

Working with City Hall

When asked what her husband does for a living, Cothrum’s wife answers, “He fights City Hall.”

“We’re in the public policy business, and we’re in the influencing business,” Cothrum said. “But we really try to find projects that work, and that everybody benefits from.”

In his capacity as the leader of both LaBarba and Masterplan, Cothrum must often work with cities and counties to ensure a smooth project.

“We work, really, at the tip of the spear,” he said. And that’s not always a comfortable place to be, because people do not like change.”

In fact, Cothrum’s experience as a basketball coach and referee helped prepare him for dealing with sometimes hostile citizens.

“When you do a great job [refereeing], they’re yelling at you from both sides of the gym,” he said. “When I go to a neighborhood meeting, I have been put in much more hostile situations, and you have to learn to take care of yourself and not let people get the best of you.”

At the end of the day, Cothrum said, he’s learned things usually go well as long as he’s thoughtful about his business strategy.

“What we try to do is come up with the right strategy,” he said. “Coming up with the right strategy is just critically important in everything you do.”

Listen to Cothrum’s visit to PlayMakers Talk Show here, and reach out to LaBarba Permit Service for more information about our alcoholic beverage license service in Dallas, TX!

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